Gold Tans  -    Keep that golden glow all year long
      Here at Gold Tans we offer multiple beds to suit your needs and price points. The higher the level, the faster and easier your tan will develop.
Keep in mind that when purchasing a tanning package, you will be able to use whatever level you specify, plus every bed in a lower level. To clarify, someone with a Level 3 package may also use any bed in level 2 or 1.
Level 6: Entropy 360 High Pressure Unit
Tanning time: 10 mins
This high pressure bed is quick, simple, and powerful. Designed to get you as dark as possible in the minimum amount of time. Excellent for those who don't tan easily or have sensitive skin.
Front view HP tanning bed
Level 5 : Velocity High Pressure Unit 
Tanning time: 15 Mins.
This high pressure bed is designed to get you as tan as possible in the minimum time. You could see up to 3 shades darker in just one session! Great for beginners, with minimal possibility of overexposure.
Level 4: Solarforce 648 (Tanning time = 12 minutes)
Slightly less intense than the level 5, yet still designed to give you a quick, lovely glow. Fully equipped with facial tanners, shoulder tanners, full-body fans and frosted acrylics for the most even color. Shown below.
Shoulder tanners, side tanners face tanners Great tanning bed
Level 3: Ergoline 550 and Solarforce 652V (Tanning time= 12 minutes)
This level is excellent for those of us looking to achieve a base tan before vacationing. With several face tanners, shoulder tanners, and a high domed top you're sure to get great, even color quickly. The Level 3 option also has a stand-up bed available. Shown below.

652v-standup tanning bed L3
Level 2 Silverstar, ETS Envy 434 and SunUP II   
Tanning time= 10-14 minutes
Efficient and powerful. This tanning bed is easy, quick, and comfortable. Great for the casual upkeep once you've already achieved a base tan. Equipped with facial tanners, and a stand-up available.
Level 2:  Silverstar  Level 2:SUNUP II This level 2 standup has Facial tanners!
Level 1: Sunstar 332
Tanning time= 20 minutes
This bed is the most common favorite among salon owners and patrons. The longer tan time allows the ultimate in relaxation and meditation, as well as the maintenance of your tan.
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