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The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer and Vitamin D
*Does sunlight cause skin cancer or does sunlight prevent skin cancer?*How does sunbathing give you the so-called red neck?* Is tanning booth bad for you or does it help your body to generate Vita...

Indoor Tanning the Same as the Sun?
Whether indoors or outdoors, uv light activates melanin and produces a color change in the skin, as well as producing large amounts of vitamin d. The source of uv light might be different - the sun or a tanning bed - but the result is the same. However, indoor tanning is achieved in a controlled environment.
Outdoor: Exposure depends on the time of day
Indoor: Controlled exposure any time of the day
Outdoor: Depends on the season of the year
Indoor: The same 12 months of the year
Outdoor: Affected by the weather
Indoor: No rain
Outdoor: Hours in the hot sun
Indoor: 10 -20 minute sessions
Outdoor: Greater chance of burning
Indoor: Specific amounts of uv to minimize burning
Outdoor: Mosquitos
Indoor: No bugs
Common Misconceptions about Tanning:
Tanning is bad for my skin.
Skin is designed to tan - it is the body's natural protection system. Used properly as part of a skin care regimen, indoor tanning is a solution to over exposure and sunburns. Indoor tanning protects your skin by controlling and limiting your exposure to UV. Short focused sessions coupled with protective and restorative lotions, enables you to develop a deep base tan while maintaining moisture balances and protecting your skin - giving you the sought after 'healthy glow'.visit for more information about facts and misconceptions about tanning 
Other Commonly asked Questions
How long does it usually take to develop a tan?
The length of time it will take you to develop a tan depends on your current skin color, the type of skin you have and any lotions you may use.On average, a base tan can be developed during a serious of 10-14 minute sessions on one of our standard beds. It is best if you are new to indoor tanning to start with a short 5-10 minute tan, gradually building up to a 14 minute session. Please visit our salon and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members who will assist you in determining a schedule.
How often do you recommend I tan?
While you can tan more frequently, it is our recommendation that in order to develop your base tan, you follow 3 tans per week schedule. Once you have reached your desired base tan, you should be able to maintain by reducing your visits to once or twice per week.
What should I wear when tanning?
What you wear when tanning is a very personal choice. When in a private tanning room, some chose to tan in a bathing suit or without clothing. Please remember that if you do prefer to tan without clothing, the areas of your body that are usually covered are more sensitive to the sun - you will want to ensure you do not over expose yourself!
Do tanning lotions really work?
There are many produces on the market created for indoor tanning. There are also many different reasons to use these lotions including helping you to tan faster, combat the signs of aging and replacing/maintaining moisture. Our staff would be pleased to discuss the different lotion options with you and make a recommendation based upon your skin time and concerns. Remember, the use of lotions may accelerate the tanning process enabling you to tan faster in fewer sessions.
Is it a requirement to wear goggles?
In short - YES! We require the use of goggles when using one of our tanning beds as the skin of your eyelids is very thin and UV can penetrate your eyes. If you are not using goggles, your eyes may be damaged by severe burning causing possible long term damage. There are options to ensure you do not end up with 'raccoon eyes', including using self tanner around your eyes to blend your tan. Please speak with one of our knowledgeable staff for further information.
Please visit our salon and talk with one of our knowledgeable staff members about indoor tanning and caring for your skin.
It would be our pleasure to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
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